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Developer: Lava Software Pty Ltd

LocalShopa™ is a smart shopping list app which makes managing your shopping list fast and easy. Add items via voice input or instant text search of the extensive built-in library, include brand or quantity, easily re-list your favorite items, and add and re-use custom items. LocalShopa™ is the shopping list app you need, but it offers so much more.

Its revolutionary feature is that it tags items on your shopping list made by local producers and manufacturers, enabling you to easily discover and buy locally-made products, support your local economy and industries, and improve your communitys self-sufficiency. Its never been easier to buy local.

LocalShopa™ also includes a smart ToDo list, which makes it easy to watch for local events such as farmers markets, fruit picking jobs, garage sales, and workshops. With LocalShopa™, even tiny part-time businesses can flourish, because local consumers will know they exist as soon as they add their products and events to the app.

If youve ever wanted to support innovative local businesses, take action to boost your local economy, and help bring back manufacturing opportunities to your region, LocalShopa™ can help.

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If you are a Producer, Maker, Event Organizer, Retailer or Stall/Mobile Food Truck owner, LocalShopa™ provides you with a powerful way to connect with local consumers, who often view their shopping and todo lists multiple times per day, and want to support local businesses.

To purchase a Producer subscription, tap the Producers button on the bottom left of the yellow Groceries page. Then tap the Add Vendor button on the top right. Subscriptions for Makers, Retailers, Event Organizers and Stalls are done similarly through buttons on the bottom of the Shopping and ToDo pages.

Once you subscribe via an in-app purchase, you can add your business profile, products/events and other information to the LocalShopa™ app. You can have multiple types of subscription active at any one time eg. Producer and Retailer, enabling you to add additional LocalShopa™ services to your account.

Your subscriptions will automatically renew each month and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.

For further information and help, including tutorial videos and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the LocalShopa website at

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